Welcome to the Sheta -The Spirit Breath- Wiki

This wiki is the main workspace for the development of the world of Sheta.

This world is part of an ongoing project which aims at creating an immersive full-RPG environment.

The People of Sheta

The people of Sheta are divided into various alliances which comprise different races.

The Geography of Sheta: The Known Islands

The commonly known lands of Sheta are called "The Known Islands", some of them are large continents, while others are little more than rocks.

Pantheons and Gods

There are many Gods in this world, all of them with different stories, worshippers and powers.

The Magic of Sheta

Many powers can be used in Sheta to change realty.

Tales of Sheta

Here you can see information on the stories of people who are currently playing with characters in the world of Sheta.

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