A shaman Crow-woman

The Crow Men

The Winged ones, The Carrion Eaters, Deathdancers.

“When it is still light and barely noticeable around you, you might have some chances to live. I am talking about the scent of Death on your very soul, the Ancient Crow’s mark.”

This is the only beastman race which is allied to the other worshippers of the Ancient Spirits. These people are now for being able to take crow features and for their bond with death.

Society & Culture

Crowmen society is a dominated by the large distinction between “proper” crowmen and “crowlings”. Crowlings are those crowmen who do not get out of the eggs properly formed (which is disturbingly frequent). These sometimes huge and other times tiny crowmen are kept as servants by Zanaryans since the “proper” crowmen shun them from their families.

Crow men is a very shamanic and tribal society where community elders hold a lot of power and prestige is measured by the beautiful feathers one weares as well as which part of a corpse he is allowed to pick first.

Distribution & Relations

Crowmen usually dwell where Zanaryan elves do. They tend to occupy the top of the towers with their nests, which is consideted to be good luck for a Zanaryan.

This races feels itself quite apart from the other elven races and tends to stay with the Zanaryans thanks to the mutual understanding the two races have of death and the Ancient Crow Spirit.