Name: Fire Jinn, Efreet, the Fire Lords

Language Reference:

Quick and scathing language, like the crackling of flames


Some have a more fundamentalist zeal, due to a fanatical worship of fire and Pyros. Some are refined Elementalist. Others cruel slave masters. Some are hedonists and lovers of beauty and art.

Brief History:

Over the centuries the Efreet have evolved to become the finest and most successful among the Jinn. To do this they have enslaved humans from which they themselves are descended. The Fire jinns have made the Fire Kingdom stronger and more expansive, conquering numerous islands and continents. El Ahmar is the capital they have built on the sweat and blood of generations of slaves.

Subraces / subcultures:

The Branded: Efreet warriors can be very devoted to the battle and get burns rituals etc..

The Fire Priests: a strong subculture that fanatically believes in purification and rebirth by fire

The Ardents: The Ardents believe that life is short, intense as a flame, and should be lived fully ... All the pleasures of life should be enjoyed whenever possible according to the Ardents. Although these are considered of no good by many Efreets, this movement never loses strength.

Important social aspects:

The Vizier is the supreme head of the Efreet as a representative of the divine elemental King Pyros (there are other Viziers in the rest of Sheta). The two groups which are closer to the Vizier are of the Fire Priests and the Slavers. These are often Fire Elementalist, since their wealth allows them to spend a lot of time into tuning with the Fire element.

With the recent treaty with the half-elfs, the Fire-Jinns have had to release their human slaves although many former slaves still belong to the bottom fringes of society.

Technological / cultural

Standard. although it could be considered that through his friendship with the children of Earth, they have gained access to some technologies such as some steam machines

Other highlights:

Fire as a philosophy of life. The ancient bronze tablets containing "The Philosophy of Fire"are the holy scriptures where there are indications of how a good Efreet should live his life.

Each temple has an "Eternal Flame" that is never turned off.

They believe in reincarnation in flames.

physical description and clothing:

Wealth is always apparent with flashy jewelry and clothing. What a Fire Jinn paints on his head always has a meaning.

Relations with other races.

The Sons and Daughters of the Earth are seen as important but bizarre allies. Half-Elfs were bad slaves, now they are definitely better as allies. The Stormjinns are are unreliable, worse than the Ardents. Humans have been released ... for the moment. But they can become dangerous if "too free". All others are excellent slaves.