Humans "The World changes and we change with it"

Also Know as The Imperials, People of the Dawn,

Introduction and Description

Versatile but ancient at the same, this clever race has managed to colonize most continents in the world of Sheta...

Humans have a wide variety of features. There seems to be a correlation between their place of birth and their traits...

Society & Culture

Once founders of an ancient powerful Empire, this race...

Locations & Relations

Humans are basically almost everywhere. The biggest human ruled city in the Known Island is the Forstburh (Gearsburh).
There are three main human types:
- The Northners: the people of the lands of Forstbuhr. They traditionally follow the Traveller Gods.

- The Freeman:most of these people were freed by the Jinns quite recently and they tend to follow the Forgotten Gods

- Dragonblood: These people became allies of the Dragonsouls and were strongly influenced by their culture. Since then they

Some humans, such as members some Merchant Guilds,or farmers from many villages around Sheta are of mixed heritage and they are not clearly distinguishable.