The Known Islands

Sheta is a large world, with many far lands which cannot be no more reached.Sheta’s lands beyond reach are called “Unknown Islands” whereas the lands where people usually live and travel are called “The Known Islands”.

These island are divide in two types: the “Lesser Islands” and the “Great Islands”; the Great Islands are often called “Continents” as well.

The four largest Islands are considered to be continents. These are:

- The Dragonlands (West). This Great Island was the heart of the Dragonsoul Empire of the Sea throughout the Known Islands. This is a rich continent, with many farms and towns, but with dark forested mountains and perils as well.Forstbuhr’s humans live far in the north, where cold winds always blow.

- Khoibash (South West). The influence of the Dragonsouls wanes to the south, this is a wild dangerous land, with harsh mountains, large plains and unforgiving deserts roamed by savage beastmen.

- Keiren (South East). This is the ancient continent of the elves. Primordial forests with powerful energies and forgotten holy stones are frequent in this mysterious land.

- The Redplanes (North East). Far in the North, cold winds fight against fiery vulcanos rasing black high clouds. This is the land of the Efreet and bare mountains and deserts are the main landscape.

Many of the “Lesser Islands” are so important to be almost considered continets. The Island of Crystal Forests (where the Zanaryan elves live, on the east) and the Swamplands (Ancestral home of the now extinguished Water jinns, between the Redplanes and the Thousand Islands) are sometimes considered continents.

The Thousand Islands, an archipelago in the middle of the Known Islands. This is a main trade route with many safe havens as well as great dangers scattered through the Islands.

It is not to be forgotten that underground as well there are settlements, especially of Shadow Dragonsouls and Earthchildren, who vie for the control of lush dimly lit, caves.