The Owo

The Snakemen, The Serpents, The Healers

“Did you see those fangs? Do not be afraid, I use them in few occasions, for very bad illnesses. My poison and the blessing of the Ancient Spirits will heal you in seven nights.”

Tall slender dark men with reptile eyes, the wise Owo are respected for their powerful healing skills.

Society & Culture

Owo people live in a tribal society but they have achieved a high level of scholarship and harmony between themselves. Members of this race value knowledge on nature and people of the Known Islands. They often travel a lot in order to see things and to bring their healing skills.

Their society is divided in various groups depending on which snake-like physical traits are stronger.

Snakemen value peace, tolerance and knowledge as their pivotal moral values.

Distribution and Relations

This race can be found all over Dragonsoul ruled lands. As many beastmen, when they spend too much time in a city, they need some time in nature. They see Sea Dragonsouls as benign rulers, the Shadow ones as knowledgeable alchimists and their Wolf kin as respectable fighters.