Primal Soul

A Warden ready for battle.

The Primal Souls

The Wardens, The Horned Ones, Eyes of the Forest

“We are one with the Forest and the Forest is one with us, cut that tree and you will regret it.”

Old fragmented tales talk about elves who sacrificed half of their souls to ancient spirits in order to better protect their kin or about elves who found timeless holy glades which changed their nature forever.

Whaterver the origins of this race are, what they are today is known: a race of tall horned elf-like people, noble and wild at the same time.

Society & Culture

Primalsouls are quite people. Their communities tend to be connected to sylvan society but always at it fringes.

In their communities, these people are known to spend a lot of time meditating and crafing and they are probably the finest artisance of the Brotherhood.

When a Primalsoul community abbandons its peaceful nature in order to fight, enemies have good reasons to be frightened.