Sea Dragonsouls

Lords of Waves and Billows, Tideriders, Wave Dragonsouls

“Stars reflecting on the sea, the three moons bright in the sky and the night breeze. I can feel the ancient powerful words of my ancestors coming to my mind, I will utter them and the world will change once again.”

This blue-winged humanoids are sometimes considered the heart Dragonsouls society. They are noble and powerful creatues that manage to peacefully coexist with other races.

Society & Culture

The Sea Dragonsoul society is a complex one. The upper end of is called “The Azure Court”. This is the most antique and refined part of the Tideriders’ society. It is the one closer to the traditions, rituals and philosophy of the Emperor of the Waves. They are the religious and political heart of the Empire. The rest of society is called the Wandering Waves. These are those Dragonsouls who focused more on travelling, trading and adventuring. These two pillars of society allowed the Empire to grow in the past ages.

The Even Balance is the founding philosophy of this people.

Distribution and Relations

An old saying goes “As long as you see waves, you’ll see the Tideriders’ sails”. This is a race of seafarers who have sailed across most of Sheta and all of the Known Islands. As they empire grew, the founded ports all over. After the “Great Low Tide” many cities are no more part of the empire but still hold numbers of Sea Dragonsouls. The greatest concentration of this race today is in the Dragonlands. Naikai is their capital in the Known Islands.

Sea Dragonsoul are usually friendly and understanding with whom they do not know. They are worried about the hatred that simmers in their Shadow kin and admire the (possibly too) detached, otherworldly Gold Dragonsouls. Their beastman allied are seen as savage but wise in things which Dragonsouls cannot understand such as the raw nature of the Flow.