Shadow Dragonsouls

The Dark Ones, Silver Blades, The Alchemists.

“Once my ancestors were powerful underground lords, they owned powerful magic and uncountable slaves. Now, sadly, our empire lies in ruins, therefore I have no choice but killing you and getting those gems they promised me.”

The Empire of the Shadows never recovered after the Great Rebellion. Many members of this race had to leave their underground homes and move into cities. There they founded secretive communities which are often feared for their dark arts.

Society & Culture

Often what the other can see is just tight dodgy communities and families living in human cities. True, some of them are unscrupulous merchants or hired assassins but there is much more to this. Some of them are powerful Alchemist how brew wonderful concoctions. Others are refined dancers.

Their Society is divided into four ancient Households. Each of them has different traditions and appearances. Another very important division in Shadow Dragonsoul society is the one between the Emerged and the Enthroned. The former are those who left and moved above ground into human and sea Dragonsoul cities, the latter are those who tried to rebuild their role underground.

Distribution and Relations

Shadow Dragonsoul communities can be found in most cities of the Triad’s Alliance. Shadow Dragonsoul led cities are mostly underground, ruled by the Entrhoned. They secretly envy the power of their sea cousins and consider their beastmen and human allies are more or less inferior. They are good at masking this feelings.