The Ulven

Wolfmen, Half-wolves, Fangs of Koibash

“Listen to the howls, this is our land since the times of the Forerunners and you think you can hunt here. Now you are the prey, run.”

Wild and dangerous, this beastmen have been attracted to the Triad’s Alliance by the Sea Dragonsouls and are now fierce defenders of their allies.

Society & Culture

The Wolfmen society is a tribal one; might makes right for the Ulven. The strength and respect each Ulven commands are assessed on various criteria such as your heroic deeds and famous ancestors.

Depending on the geographical origins of the Wolfmen, they could appear and behave in different ways.

Hunting, achieving glorious deals, honouring the Ancient Spirits and their ancestors are all important elements of an Ulven’s life.

The Half-wolves are able to use their connection to the Flow to cast powerful spells and to strenghten themselves.

Distribution and Relations

Traditionally Ulvens are located in the southern continent of Koibash but they can be found in most dragonsoul ruled lands. They do not disdain dangerous or embattled lands. They respect they snakemen brothers and consider the dragonsouls necessary to hold the whole alliance up, although they are sometimes too slow and fragile.