Zli efl

A female Zanaryan Elf

Zanaryan Elfs

The White Shadows, The Pales, The Elven Ghosts.

“Death is like your shadow, it is dark, it follow you all the time and there is no way you can escape it. Therefore we decided to embrace it.”

These elfs are feared and shunned across the Known Islands as death-bringers and cursed creatures far to close to death.

This is not too far from the truth… these pale red eyed albino elfs are strongly devoted of the Ancient Crow Spirit, the Sylvan power of death and decay.

Society & Culture

The Zanaryan society is more civilized than the sylvan one and this race of elves tend to live in fortified cities recognizable for their tall death-piramids soaring to the sky. ancient families dwell in these silent towers spending their time to get a better understanding of death.

As other elfs, Zanaryans hate to be disturbed by most other races, and those unfortunate to get too close often end up becoming experimental samples for their dark studies…

All Zanaryans go through a terrible ritual called the Deathkiss. After that they always have some sort of deep attunement with an aspect of death. This attunement defines a Zanaryan a lot, and these elves gather in congregations called oblivions.
Distribution & Relations

The Zanaryan “hometown” is the Island of the Crystal Forests.

The role of the Zanaryan elfs is a delicate one, hated and shunned by non-elves, they are barely accepted by sylvan elfs and primal souls which acknowledge their importance in the Brotherhood, but often seem to be happier not having them around…
Muski elf

A Darkblood Zanaryan.